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Z2 is a tracked electric recreational all terrain vehicle being developed by Zee-Two Inc. The project is in development and the first Z2 engineering prototype was completed in 2022. Z2 vehicles will be capable of travel over any terrain in all seasons. The Z2 takes full advantage of advanced composite materials and manufacturing technologies, programmable electric drive and managed battery technologies, wireless systems and combines them with an extraordinary mechanical design being patented. This is going to be a game changer for environmentally responsible, recreational power sports and off road adventurers in all seasons! You will likely catch it in the news around 2023-2024.
If you would like to inquire about this development and/or participate, please contact me or

Z2 Tracked Electric Recreational All Terrain Vehicle
Variable geometry continuous track suspension system of the Z2 electric all terrain vehicle by Zee-Two Inc. (for more information visit

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